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Our mission

At ESG Metrix, we are dedicated to making ESG reporting and sustainability management accessible, efficient, and impactful for businesses of all sizes. ESG is more than just a buzzword; it's a commitment to creating a better future for our planet and society. Our mission is to empower organisations, from SMEs to large corporations, to navigate the complex world of ESG with ease and transparency.

Our story

ESG Metrix was founded by the shared passion of a group of ESG professionals and industry experts who have dedicated their careers to sustainability and responsible business practices. We recognised the growing demand for ESG reporting solutions and sustainability management tools, especially among SMEs and companies seeking transparency within their supply chains. That's why we set out to create a software platform that would simplify ESG reporting, enhance sustainability performance, and promote responsible business conduct across industries.

Our team

Our team at ESG Metrix is composed of individuals who have accumulated years of experience in ESG and industry. We bring a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that organisations face in today's ever-evolving ESG landscape. Our team members have worked in multiple jurisdictions with renowned corporations, giving us valuable insights into what works and what's needed to drive meaningful change.

Our commitment

At ESG Metrix, our commitment to ESG goes beyond just providing software. We are advocates for sustainability and responsible business practices, and we strive to foster a global community of like-minded organisations. We believe that by offering user-friendly ESG reporting tools, we can inspire positive change, reduce environmental impacts, enhance social responsibility, and improve corporate governance.


Our software

ESG Metrix offers a comprehensive ESG reporting software platform designed to meet the unique needs of SMEs and larger companies looking to gain transparency over their supply chains. Our software is user-friendly, intuitive, and customisable, making it accessible to organisations at all stages of their sustainability journey. With ESG Metrix, you can effortlessly collect, analyse, and report on your ESG data, track progress, and make informed decisions that benefit both your business and the world.


Join us in building a sustainable future

We invite you to explore our ESG reporting software, get to know our team, and join us in our mission to make ESG reporting and sustainability management simpler and more impactful. Whether you're a small business committed to making a difference or a large corporation seeking transparency and sustainability excellence, ESG Metrix is here to support your journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future.


Thank you for choosing ESG Metrix as your partner in ESG reporting. Together, we can create a better world for generations to come.