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Welcome to ESG Metrix® - the ESG reporting solution designed to empower businesses with the tools they need to excel in the world of ESG reporting.

ESG Metrix® is more than just a platform; it's a catalyst for change. It seamlessly integrates a comprehensive suite of features that simplify the complex process of ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Whether you're a multinational corporation, a medium-sized enterprise, or a small startup, our software adapts to your unique needs, streamlining your ESG journey.  

ESG Metrix® can revolutionise your sustainability initiatives, enhance your stakeholder engagement, and drive positive impact for your organisation and the planet. Here are the features to support this journey.

  • ESG Report Builder
  • Customisable ESG frameworks
  • ESG dashboards
  • Integrated guidance and support
  • Support for multiple frameworks
  • Tailored metrics and KPIs
  • Dynamic reporting templates
  • Cross-framework alignment
  • Industry-specific customisation

ESG Report Builder

Streamlined ESG reporting

ESG Metrix offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, streamlining the data collection, analysis, and reporting process. You can conveniently construct your report as you collect data and export it in Word format when you're ready.

Integrated ESG guidance

During your reporting journey you will have access to integrated guidance from international ESG standards and frameworks to help you align, develop and integrate ESG further into your organisation.

Streamlined data management

We have a team of experts on standby to assist you with the collation process and the software provides a single source to manage data, streamlining the data management process and allowing businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Customisable ESG frameworks

Support for multiple frameworks

ESG Metrix has integrated the following ESG standards and frameworks:

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics (WEF)
  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS S2 & IFRS S1)
  • Custom frameworks specific to your industry or organisational goals.
Cross-framework alignment

For organisations adhering to multiple ESG reporting frameworks simultaneously, our software comes to the rescue. It helps you harmonise your data collection and reporting efforts, ensuring consistency and reducing duplication of work. This flexibility ensures that you can align with various ESG standards without increasing the burden on your team.

Dynamic reporting templates

Our reporting templates are adaptable to your chosen ESG framework. You can easily switch between different reporting standards, and the software will automatically adjust the data collection and reporting requirements accordingly. This dynamic feature simplifies the often complex task of complying with evolving ESG standards, allowing you to stay responsive and aligned with industry best practices effortlessly.

ESG Dashboard

ESG performance at a glance

Our ESG dashboard provides a concise and intuitive overview of your organisation's ESG performance. With interactive charts and graphs, you can monitor key indicators related to your ESG reporting.

Print and go

Our dashboard isn't just a digital tool; it's also designed to support your offline needs. The "Print and Go" feature allows you to effortlessly print the ESG dashboard, ensuring that your ESG insights are readily available for board meetings, presentations, and strategic discussions.


Our dashboard is not static; it's a dynamic tool that will constantly evolve to meet evolving ESG needs. We're committed to providing you with the best ESG reporting experience possible, and that means we will regularly be enhancing all of our features.