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ESG Metrix® for Supply Chains: Sustainability Reporting Made Easy.

Enhancing supplier relationships to achieve ESG goals by fostering collaboration between suppliers and supply chains, creating value for both, at the same time.

ESG Metrix® Software benefits:

Key Features.

Our software offers supply chain visibility, enabling businesses to track ESG performance at every stage of the value chain. With supplier dashboards, customisable reports and ESG support on hand, gain insights into the sustainability practices of your suppliers, empowering you to drive positive change.

Comprehensive and customisable ESG Metrics and KPIs.

We provide a comprehensive set of ESG metrics and key KPI's specifically designed for supply chain oversight. Monitor environmental impact, labour practices, ethical sourcing, diversity and inclusion, and more. With real-time data, you can identify areas for improvement and collaborate with suppliers to implement sustainable solutions.

Supplier Performance Evaluation.

Our software facilitates supplier performance evaluation through customisable scorecards and benchmarks. Assess your suppliers' ESG performance against predefined criteria or your own sustainability framework, ensuring compliance and promoting continuous improvement within the supply chain.

Risk Identification and Mitigation.

Identify and mitigate ESG risks across your supply chain with ongoing oversight across your supply chain. Proactively address potential issues such as environmental non-compliance, labor violations, or unethical practices. By taking preventive measures, you protect your brand reputation and minimize potential disruptions.

Data Aggregation and Analysis.

Streamline data collection and analysis with our software's advanced capabilities. Collect ESG data from multiple suppliers, standardise it, and generate meaningful reports and visualisations. Uncover trends, patterns, and opportunities for collaboration to drive sustainability improvements across your supply chain.

Collaborative Engagement.

Foster collaboration and engagement with your suppliers through our software. Share best practices, set shared sustainability goals, and communicate expectations. Strengthen your supplier relationships and create a culture of shared responsibility towards sustainability.

Improved Supply Chain Resilience.

By gaining ESG oversight across your supply chain, you enhance its resilience to environmental, social, and governance risks. Addressing potential vulnerabilities and ensuring sustainable practices throughout the value chain mitigates risks, protects your operations, and safeguards your brand.

Enhanced Reputation and Stakeholder Trust.

Transparently demonstrating your commitment to sustainability across the supply chain strengthens your reputation and builds trust with stakeholders. Showcasing responsible practices and ethical standards resonates with customers, investors, and employees, leading to long-term partnerships and improved brand perception.

Cost and Efficiency Savings.

Efficiently managing ESG performance across your supply chain reduces costs associated with disruptions, non-compliance, and inefficiencies. By optimizing resource usage, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting sustainable practices, you drive cost savings and improve operational efficiency.

Competitive Advantage.

Businesses that prioritize sustainability throughout their supply chain gain a competitive edge. With our software, you can differentiate yourself in the market, attract sustainability-conscious customers, investors, and partners, and position yourself as a leader in responsible business practices.

Positive Social and Environmental Impact.

By overseeing ESG practices in your supply chain, you contribute to positive social and environmental impact.

Why ESG Metrix?

In today's interconnected world, understanding and managing sustainability performance throughout the supply chain is crucial for businesses committed to responsible practices. Our software empowers you to gain visibility, monitor, and enhance ESG performance across your supply chain, ensuring alignment with your sustainability goals.

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